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New Releases: Most Anticipated Releases April 2020

New Releases: Most Anticipated Releases April 2020

Well it’s been a crazy few weeks, and I mean CRAZY.  No doubt you’re all aware of the current global pandemic, so I won’t labour the point. This has meant however, that a few book launches and events have been pushed back later into the year. Despite all this, there are still some fantastic non-fiction books launching in April which I cannot wait to get my hands on!

Also, I’m not even going to pretend that I am remotely on time with this post … 

Antigone Rising by Helen Morales


Antigone Rising by Helen Morales

Publishing Date: 14th April 2020
Publishing House:

A couple of weekends ago I was lucky enough to participate in Headlines Virtual Bookstagram Brunch; it was heaps of fun, and one of the books we were discussing was Antigone Rising. 

Described as A witty, inspiring reckoning with the ancient Greek and Roman myths and their legacy, from what they can illuminate about #MeToo to the radical imagery of Beyoncé” – it sounds right up my street, and I can’t wait to get a fresh perspective on these ancient stories!

Loss and Hope by Eternity (One Pound Project)


Loss & Hope

Publishing Date: 23rd April 2020
Publishing House:
The Pound Project

Loss & Hope is a collection of essays on the topic of tragedy and grief. It includes pieces from Scarlett Curtis (Feminists Don’t Wear Pink), Adwoa Aboah, Rita Ora and many more.

Over the last 12 months I’ve really been enjoying the structure of essay collections; learning about a topic from multiple voices and experiences.

The Pound Project is an independent crowdfunding publisher based in the UK, their projects are well worth taking a look at!

The Classical School by Callum Williams

The Classical School

The Classical School by Callum Williams

Publishing Date: 23rd April 2020
Publishing House:
Profile Books

The Classical School by Callum Williams explores economic theories through the lives of twenty different economists. Although I have done quite a lot of reading around economic theories, I have never read an individual economists thoughts; so I’m very much looking forward to this unique take on the subject.

It has received great praise, including being described as “short, punchy, and very well-written … a terrific read” by Kevin O’Rourke, author of A Short History of Brexit.

Together by Vivek H. Murthy


Together by Vivek H. Murthy

Publishing Date: 28th April 2020
Publishing House: Wellcome Collection, Profile Books

Already published early in eBook and audio formats to help address the issue of loneliness during the Covid-19 crisis, Together explores the loneliness epidemic, it’s history, and potential solutions.

I’m always eager to read about books related to mental health, so Together is right up my street. Even more so, with the timely publication due to the coronavirus crisis. I would also highly recommend The Rules of Contagion – also published by the Wellcome Collection – as another important read at this time.

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  1. Michael says

    I must say your recommendations have been helping me through this isolation period we seem to be facing.

    Some of these are definitely goi g on my to be read pile!

    Hope you are keeping well, please keep the posts coming.


  2. Maya says

    The Classical Schools sounds really interesting; I love the idea of exploring economic theories through the individual thinkers.


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