I want The Reading Millennial to not only be a place to find honest thoughts, reviews & critiques of books I’ve loved (and hated!) but also a site that spurs honest and open debate.A key feature to this I believe is accessibility, and so I wanted to create an easy to navigate space where you can intuitively find areas of interest.

Now anyone who has ever shopped for a non-fiction book online will know that there are a million and one ways of categorising books; and finding a unified system is no mean feat. So I have landed on a number of, albeit broad, but hopefully relevant categories: Politics, Society, Poverty & Development, Climate Change, and Economics.

There will inevitably be some cross-over but broadly speaking you can find content relating to…

Politics:  UK, US & European current affairs; wider geo-political movements and key global events; and, previously historically influential political drivers.

Society: UK and US current & historical societal theories; the effect of politics on society; and, the effects of environment on society.

Poverty & Development: the current state of global poverty and inequality; global development/aid; and, UK based poverty and the effects of austerity.

Climate Change: the impact of climate change; how climate change is being portrayed on the global stage; and, practical advice for engaging in the debate.

Economics: austerity & budgeting in the UK; and, wider economical theories as they relate to politics, aid & development, wider society, and global prosperity.

Lots of love,

The Reading Millennial