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Earth Day 2020 – Non-Fiction Books You Should be Reading:

In celebration of Earth Day 2020, I thought I would compile a list of non-fiction books that have both informed me and inspired me in the fight against climate change.

Client Earth by James Thornton and Martin Goodman

‘Client Earth’ is the first book that I read cover to cover in 2019. I started a new job in January and didn’t want to overwhelm myself. I opted to keep my reading to a minimum – although this only lasted about two weeks! Located about ten minutes away from my office – so perfect for a lunch time stroll – is one of the last remaining independent not-for-profit bookshops in the area. Naturally, I picked up three:

‘Client Earth’ by James Thornton and Martin Goodman
‘Safe Planet’ by John Cowsill
‘Why Your World is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller’ by Jeff Rubin